» Journal Tips

  Although I do not write in a journal regularily, I am a huge believer in journal writing on journeys. They are a way of capturing the thoughts, feelings and moments of the trip - many that you will surprisingly forget about otherwise.

  I bought my first journal in Paris, France - but I did not expect to use it as a journal. I bought the book so I could keep track of what places I went to, transportation I took, people I met, etc. It wasn't very much - maybe a page or two of notes per day.

  But in a period of a few days, my scribbles became sentences, my lists became paragraphs. Pretty soon, I couldn't stop writing. Rather than start each entry with just the date, I included the time as well. I was completely addicted.

  The objective of making a journal is to capture the physical, mental and spiritual details of your travels. A journal can be an extension to your memory or a way of sparking your memory... or both. Even a few weeks after my trips, I flip to a random page in my journal and revisit the adventure I took. Although I can remember vividly many aspects of my trip, my journal fills in the blanks to what I have forgotten by using the stimuli of words, drawings, and objects.

  The following pages provide a few examples of what I like to include in my journals. Because of what I include in them, my journals are by far more important than any other item I come home with on my trips. Feel free to use these in your journal.

  (And, yes, I do like to write small.)

On to the tips...