» Mental Postcards
  Sun Nov 25, 2001 | first day home

I am finally home. My journey is over physically, but not mentally. My memories of Europe slip in and out of my mind like the taste of a fine wine between sips. I walk through the locations like they were mental postcards.

Paris after the Attack on America.
Riding a bike through fields of flowers in Germany.
The night light sites of Prague.
Sarajevo Muslim chants at sunrise.
Breakfast view in Kotor, Yugoslavia.
Beach bumming in Italy.
Halloween stroll in Transylvania.
Pickpockets in Romania.
126-hour Romance in Paris.
And hundreds of others....

I know the memories will haunt me for years to come, and I look forward to it. The last 77 days have been the best days of my life. My pilgrimage has not only revealed to me who I am, but how I can improve. I am excited to return home and live life to the fullest.

Thanks for sticking around to the end. This is my last journal entry. I might share a link with you in the future if I decide to post some of the pictures I have taken during my travels.

See you,


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