» 7 DAYS TO GO!!!
  Mon Sept 3, 2001 - t-minus 7 days

Hello friends and family,

Winfred Loschburg, a German scholar of travel, wrote that "the longing to defeat distance, the longing for the unknown became stronger and stronger in parts of Europe. It was the desire to excape the baronial castle or the convent-school, and move out into the wide world through the town gates..."

Kolby and the rest of the summer staff up at Camp ArboladoI too feel this desire and it is becoming stronger every day. In just eight days, I move out into that "wide world" through my town's gates: at LAX airport! I do not know what awaits me in Europe, but I know there is something, someone, somewhere to visit there. It has been a desire of mine for close to TEN YEARS now and it all will become reality in just about a week's time!

In Europe, my budget will be about $20 a day. Now some of you might be saying to yourselves "$20!? That's not enough Kolby!" I say, hogwash! It might not be much here in the US, but it really depends on where I am in Europe to spend it. For instance, in Paris (where I will be staying for nine days immediately after landing) the cost of Kolby hiking to San Gorgonio, at 11,199 ft, the tallest mountain in Southern Californiaeverything is about 60% of that in Los Angeles. So in Paris, I could buy an item that would be $10 here for about $6 (42FF) in Paris. However, when I get to the Eastern European cities, I'll be a relatively rich man! In Turkey, for example, I can buy a loaf of bread for about 3 cents. A nice little apartment can cost as little as $30 a month. And in Romania, the average income is about $150 a month! However, it will be challenging for me to stick with the budget. But a wise man wrote that "a journey without challenge has no meaning."

My time here at camp ends in two days time. I have been living up here since June 6th and I am more than ready to leave. It is such a beautiful place though and I will miss it but there are far more interesting, exciting and mysterious places in my near future - I can't wait to visit them ... and tell you all about them!

Until next time,


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