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D e a t h   V a l l e y :

For my friend's birthday, I planned a tour of the Star Wars filming locations found in Death Valley National Park. Of the 14 friends, only myself and two others have ever been to Death Valley before! We camped for two nights in Furnace Creek and explored 10 surreal spots found in the desolate valley. Planning the trip inspired me to write a small guidebook to the filming locations, Kahunna's Mos Eisley & Its Environs.

Fun was had by all as we explored the many terrains of Death Valley. From Desolation Canyon to Zabriskies Point; Artist's Palette to Stovepipe Wells Sand Dunes. Even after five prior journeys through this valley, I'm still amazed by its diversity.

We left on Sunday afternoon, accomplishing our mission to find all filming sites. Sharing memories of the weekend with each other eased the pain and seemed to shorten the distance of the long drive home.

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