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Kolby Kirk, traveler

  I arrived to a wet and dreary London, which is to be expected when you arrive into London. My sprits did not reflect the weather, however, and I looked forward to explore the city in the rain. Along with the grey weather, I did see some other iconic sights in the famous city. I was glad to see that bright red double-decker busses, although updated slightly, were still traversing the city. Gunless police constables were patrolling the city mounted on horses. Vehicles hugged the left side of the road, which I had to constantly remind myself of when crossing the street (luckily, the city helped to remind me by marking the crosswalks, as seen above). I even called home from one of the famous red phone booths that freckle the city.

But putting the London epitome aside, I did see many interesting things that I had not expected to see. After all, experiencing the unexpected is what I live for while traveling.